What is the SEO Search Engine Optimization

Imagine the most beautiful city in the world.

A city where nothing is missing, equipped with all the infrastructure, the latest technologies, unparalleled cleanliness, where there is no tax or incivility. The perfect city.

But what does such an introduction have to do with the internet and SEO?

And first of all what is SEO?

In the first place, SEO is an English word which means “Search Engine Optimization”.

But what is “organic search”?

It’s the ranking of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and the way they rank different sites on the web. Basically, it’s the visibility of your website on these search engines. There is a free SEO, called “natural” and a paid SEO (SEA, Google AdWords for example).

Second, natural referencing is built and takes time. For example, Google is very wary of new sites and unless you are an exception, don’t expect to be visible “naturally” on Google for 6 months. With good natural referencing (SEO), you will be able to appear on the first page of Google at no cost (as long as you do serious and long-term work).

But can I still appear on the first page of Google right away?

The answer is yes. Paid SEO (or SEA for Search Engine Advertising) allows you to appear on the first Google page for a fee (in the ads section).

To start, you set a daily budget in the form of an auction. For example, you decide on a ceiling of € 10 / day and each time a user clicks on your ad you pay € 0.40. Then, once your € 10 is used up, your ad disappears and will only be visible the next day (or not, depending on your personal choices).

Here, keyword research is essential in order to get results.

Let us return to our fantastic city, which nevertheless encounters a major problem. Indeed, it is isolated in the desert and no road leads there. We can transpose that to our subject. You may have the best website, with the best products or services to offer. But if no one can see them there is no point.

SEO will allow you to “build” the roads that lead to your website.

First, a clarification is needed, SEO aims to make your website more visible by increasing the traffic of Internet users on it (by creating “routes”). By no means is the goal of SEO to increase sales. This is the goal of building the site itself, such as improving the UI and UX design, i.e. user interface design. With a focus on optimizing usability and user experience. The goal of user interface design is to make user interaction as easy and efficient as possible. In terms of achieving user objectives, it is a user-centered design (which will therefore improve the convertibility of your site, convertibility of prospects into customers). So how do you measure SEO results? The essential metric that will be taken into account is the number of users visiting your site and it stops here. Sales will be the goal of other parameters. The role of SEO is to increase your number of prospects and not your number of customers (even if one does not go without the other).

Then, how do you build a solid SEO?

At Design Messiahs we have chosen to work from Google for reasons of popularity and therefore efficiency. You must first establish an SEO audit if your site is already visible. For new sites this is not necessary. Without going into details here are the main axes of a natural referencing audit work:

The study will begin with a semantic analysis which consists in understanding the queries that Internet users are used to making in search engines. This is to identify the keywords to target for your products and / or your services.

Then, your competitors will be the subject of a careful study which will allow you to have a list of the best referenced players in your segment. It is always interesting to know the competition of its industry on the web, often very different from the physical competition.

In the technical part of the SEO analysis, we will reveal to you all the factors that are detrimental to the good indexing of your web pages and therefore to the good referencing of your site. In this part of the diagnosis, we will notably assess the configuration of meta tags, the loading time of your pages, 404 errors or even redirects.

Then, a study of the content will be carried out, here we will advise you on the right SEO strategy to adopt. Thanks to an analysis of the internal network (the links made between your pages) and your editorial content.

We will be able to analyze any duplicate content (Google penalty!) As well as its semantic quality (title tags and meta descriptions). This will be complementary to an analysis of your popularity which is measured by the number of links that point to your website. Here we will analyze the backlinks of your site in order to recommend an off-site strategy for acquiring quality links (much appreciated by Google).

To conclude, how does Google perceive your site?

  • Will it analyze all your pages?
  • Did he impose any penalties on you (we will detail the Google Penguin and Google Panda algorithms here)?
  • Is the search engine having technical problems?
  • Do you have enough inbound links?
  • How are your internal links set up?
  •  Will Google correctly index your relevant content?

We will answer all these questions here.

Finally, for new websites, we can also work on your SEO, but as said above any convincing result before 6 months will be difficult to achieve. In the event that no results are achieved in the seventh (7th) month, we undertake to reimburse you for the SEO service previously invoiced. Indeed, we guarantee your satisfaction which is essential for us.

As a builder, it is now up to you to choose how and when you want to build the roads that will lead to your city! Or leave the world in the dark about it.

The Design Messiahs Team

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